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Excellent breaks.

PRAM KSN - The PRAM Knowledge Sharing Network

Finally the appearance, stylish, modern, sleek. The only problem I faced with the MIMA was when my twins grew too long for the pram mainly due to their long legs. The cons of the Mima pram:. The bag area would be hard to access when not using the carrycot. Nicole was amazing and even after the sales care was exceptional.

Kurtis Pram Curtain, older version ''Embrace B&W''

I have now just read that the Mima Kobi has been discontinued, however you may be able to buy this online. Again, I went to the baby show and saw quite a few in inline double prams the issue that I faced was that there are a lot on the market for a toddler and a new-born not twins.

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Then I came across the selection of Phil and Teds section of in-line prams. Phil and Teds promote the Voyager as a twin pram?! This is not true! The reason being is that the two main seats are different sizes.

I have never come across twins that are two different heights when babies. Obviously, this is possible if one child may have suffered from some form of disability. Here is a list of pros for the pram:.

What Pram Do I Need for a Newborn? - The Parenting Co

The main seat which is also a carrycot is a great size for new-borns and toddlers. No punctured tires.