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Love your creativity. Thank you! I've used that paneling in the past and simply painted it. This was more fun :. Very nice! I love how it blends with the shiplap, yet stands out too, making a beautiful statement. Did or will you use any type of spray or sealer to make the schmear water resistant? Since this is in a bedroom I won't need to seal it.

The impact of political smears

I think what is used on the outside of homes is more of a mortar. Love this! Am considering this as an option in our cabin remodel. Hopefully I can find a wall that I could do this onto!

Great Bagel - Awesome Smear!!!! - Einstein Bros. Bagels

Have been planning on doing this in an upcoming master bath remodel. Thanks for the easy how to! Now I'm even more excited to get to it! I've tried it all.. Through all of those former "careers" I have had one constant passion.. It took me 30 years to find the courage do this full time and I have finally settled on what I'm going to be when I grow up! RSS Feed.

Ben Huh on Therapy

I love exposed brick! Especially when it's in an old home and found in an expected place. Something about it seems so warm and cozy to me, even if it's found in an industrial space. Warms it right up!