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Moffett and Wells, a healthcare consultant, married in —both happily barely clad in furs, feathers, and body paint during a Rapa Nui-style ceremony beside the Rano Kau volcano on Easter Island; she shares his passion for adventuring.

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But after that, he must get moving. Or Botswana. Or Venezuela, if that country ever stabilizes. If you think Caracas sounds wild, you should visit its rainforest. Life is too short to miss such things! View the discussion thread. Upsolve co-founder Rohan Pavuluri right and summer staffer Nick Brown are Crimson activists helping those in the red. Rohan Pavuluri and Upsolve: helping low-income families deal with debt. Moffett investigates insects—and now, evolving human societies. During a research trip, Moffett and Wells got married on Easter Island.

They stripped us down at the edge of the Rano Kau volcano.

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Everyone on the expedition had an amazing time. Who Built the Pyramids?

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Lady Godiva: The Naked Truth. The Mature Dating Game. Anti-Aging Approaches. You Might Also Like:. Courtesy of Upsolve Rohan Pavuluri and Upsolve: helping low-income families deal with debt. FA is quite similar to GSO algorithm in terms of inspiration. The fitness of the fireflies will determine their flashing brightness. This brightness also decreases over distance. The less bright firefly will move towards a firefly which is brighter, and if there is no brighter firefly, the particular firefly will move randomly [ ]. The Bat algorithm is another recent introduced optimization technique. It is introduced by Yang and Gandomi in and it is inspired form bats behaviour in foraging for food.

This algorithm is quite similar to PSO and it is consist of velocity and position equations [ , ]. Since this algorithm is inspired by bats, it considers the echolocation capability that bats have and also take advantage of a frequency equation. This frequency equation has direct influence on the velocity equation which determines the direction in search space [ — ].

Mirjalili et al. The algorithm divides the agents grey wolves into several categories of hierarchy named alpha, beta, delta and omega from top to bottom respectively. Each hierarchy has different roles in order to find the solutions, which in this case are preys [ ]. Note that there are many more evolutionary algorithms that are not discuss in this paper.

There are many optimization techniques claiming superiority over other approaches. Hence, to determine the most reliable algorithms, benchmark functions can be used as indicator to prove their effectiveness. Several benchmark functions with different properties have been used to evaluate the feasibility of the discussed optimization algorithms; their achieved performances are presented in this section.